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about matthew

The Heart of Matthew’s abilities, offerings, and healing's are to render the Divine experience undeniably within your own being.  It should be an experience that lingers for days, that provides an unassailable lightness to your being.  A mixture of emotional, physical, and, at times most important, spiritual healing.  So many of us have become burdened with thoughts and beliefs that have cauterized our experience to life so much so we need a mystic to shake us from our own limits.  We have a gentle faith in healing but, perhaps, less conviction than that which comes with a lifetime of mystical healing.  It can be a great fortune to run into one great mystic in a lifetime, and I speak personally to say that I believe Matthew is a great fortune in a land where so many have lost faith in Jesus, the power of Presence, and their individual ability to experience God.

Matthew's gifts have a familiar beginning. His grandmother, Colleen, was a powerful intuitive healer who through the name and presence of Jesus saw many mystical miracles take place in her life.  At the time of her passing, she prayed that the mantle of healing come into Matthew’s life.  Instantly, as she placed her hand on his head, the Glory of God came upon him and began to shape the destiny that continues to reverberate to this day!

After years of mystical events in his own life, he began sharing them through “Nights of Healing”, initially encouraged by his Yoga teaching instructor Alan Lowenschus.  Matthew was originally a Pentecostal minister in Florida, and now, through the "Nights of Healing", is finally getting back to his roots in a new way sharing his own unique offering of intuitive guidance, readings, healing, and Presence.

 After many successful meetings, Matthew was called to begin holding We Are One Gatherings.  Starting in Fayetteville, Ar and then in Tulsa, Ok, the Gatherings were created to address the greater need for more authentic Presence and healing in some of the communities he loves.  Out of the Gatherings came an entirely unique type of service that is absolutely spontaneous, authentic, experiential, and real.

The Gatherings in Tulsa became most fervent, and the community there so encouraging, Matthew answered the call from Spirit to move there.  With the move was the launching of  Marking a great chapter in Matthew’s life where his own brand and destiny blossomed more and more.

These days you can find Matthew living in Spirit, sharing his experience, wisdom, love, and blessings with all he encounters.  If you feel it’s time to move authentically into healing, Truth, Presence, the power of Jesus, then please don’t hesitate to answer your own inner call.  Matthew is very happy to meet with you, and I’m very happy for you to have such a blessed experience that is his meeting.  God Bless you and thank you for being you. "You are Perfect, You are Accepted, and You are Loved!"

               (bio written by Austin Bray)



HEALING Services



An intuitive reading with Matthew will be different each time you visit.

A typical visit will consist of Matthew listening to Spirit on your behalf and sharing the information that comes through. That may or may not include messages from loved ones, guidance from Spirit, insight into your life, direct channel of Spirit or an experience of the presence of God, and the list goes on.  Once Matthew feels he has relayed all messages, the session usually has time for questions and answers where you can ask questions for Spirit to answer. 


Holy Fire Reiki is being introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training.
It is both powerful and gentle, and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. Holy Fire Reiki is a combination of traditional Usui Reiki and a contemporary evolution of Reiki.

The Holy Fire energy is noticeable refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness than any energy we have encountered before. It is more effective. 

Holy Fire is not associated with any religion. It works with all religions or no religion. The use of the word holy in the name Holy Fire is not religious in meaning. The word holy has its root meaning to be whole and complete, and this is how it is used in Holy Fire, Therefore, Holy Fire is a spiritual energy that creates a wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. 

For more information on Holy Fire Reiki, check out


Chakra Clearings with Matthew take a balanced combination of Holy Fire Reiki and 7 essential oils, and over a period of about 45 minutes Matthew will take one oil, purposed for each individual Chakra, and place it on your palms and feet and work on each Chakra using Holy Fire Reiki and Mantras until it is clear and bright, starting from the root and working to the crown and finishing with an energy cleanse leaving you feeling peaceful, energized and Light! Chakra Clearings are $85 a session to compensate for oils used. 


Matthew teaches two gentle yoga classes a week,

One at Be Love Yoga Broken Arrow, Saturdays at 10:30am and the other at Be Love Yoga Tulsa, Sundays at 1:30pm.

His gentle yoga classes are beneficial for any level of practitioner from beginner to advanced.

His motto is, You are Perfect, You Are Accepted and You are LOVED!!!

The Light, Love, Joy, Peace and Healing of God are in you. May they flow through you to every single person you come in contact with.
— Mystical Matthew






Local Chakra Clearings $85

Sessions with Matthew range from 30-60 minutes.

Prices are subject to change due to travel requirements or other special circumstances.

Fayetteville, AR Sessions $100 (due to travel time and rental of space)

Text to schedule your transformational session




Chakra Clearings (one person) $85

Two People - $125 (up to an hour)

Three People - $175 (up to an hour & 20 min)

Four People - $225 (up to an hour & 30 min)

Five People - $275 (up to an hour & 30 min)

Six People - $325 (up to two hours)

Sessions are paid for at the time of scheduling.

Cancellations & Refunds...

A 50% refund is given only with a 7 day notice prior to session.




Mystified clients

Matthew is the real deal! He is so spot on with every word he delivers from spirit to me. He has helped guide me in my life with words of wisdom and reiki techniques so I can live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. I can truly tell he is able to feel my emotions and what I am experiencing. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry, but I love that he is able to feel what I am feeling. I feel like he understands me better because he has this gift and I am very grateful for him.
— Melissa Powell
Matthew is the sweetest soul. My mom and I went for a reading at his house in Tulsa. It was a sweet space with a separate room where we did the reading. It was cozy and comfortable. I have never done a reading before so naturally I was a bit skeptical but also hopeful that it would go well. The reading was wonderful. Matthew listened to messages from Spirit and picked up on things that I would never have expected. He was spot on the whole time! The way he conveyed the messages to us was in the most loving, respectable way, even when he was telling me something I may not want to hear or admit about myself or my life. I felt like I was left with a clear understanding of my path and the life that I’m leading at this time.
My grandmother passed away a little over a year ago, and we were really hoping to hear from her but knew that there was a chance she would not come through. Toward the very end of the reading all the sudden Matthew got so excited about a grandma that wanted to talk (he had no idea we wanted to hear from her so bad). The message that he passed on was exactly what I would expect to hear from my grandma and it was the biggest relief to know that she is happy and free from pain and judgement. I left the reading with feelings of relief, excitement, encouragement, and love. I adore Matthew and am so grateful that he’s using his gift to share truth and light.

Thank you Matthew,
I love you!
— Hailey Boswell
The first reading I had with Matthew was like no other. He immediately made me feel at ease by way of his southern charm. His unconditional love, which you can feel radiating from him, made me feel like i was talking with a cherished friend. The actual readings are spot on and always leave me with a path or avenue to explore (‘what is mine to do’). I have also had chance to experience Matthew’s gift for energy transmutation and transfer. His light is so bright with this gift that he is able to send energy long distance. He did this once for me and his transmission changed the course of my entire day. Matthew, indeed, is one of Tulsa’s Gems! I highly recommend attending one of his events or booking a private session with him. You won’t be disappointed.

(We are one)
Sunday evening services with Matthew and Sharla are a gift from spirit. Never have I been to gathering outside the church where the presence of God was so palatable. Their ability to commune with spirit through song and prophetic word is unparalleled; it is truly something to behold. I thank the creator for Mathew and Sharla’s ministries and am looking forward to seeing them touch the lives of 1,000’s of the future.
— Noelle Hill
Matthew Gibbons is a man with many gifts. I have been lucky enough to witness some of these gifts in two distinctly different settings.
My wife and I attended a gallery reading where Matthew was one of two mediums channeling to an open room of attendees and passing on messages to and from loved ones. I watched while he made impact after impact on the people in that room. Bringing peace, love, and positive messages into lives that in some cases had been shattered by loss.

After witnessing how he filled the room with love and laughter and brought calm and peace to others, I set up a personal reading with Matthew. I was very skeptical at first and he put me at ease quickly and got right to the root of my angst. Matthew was able to reach into my being and speak to the issues that had brought me to his doorstep. He channeled spirit (God) and asked not only for answers to my immediate needs but also for the how and why of my personal journey. I walked away from our session with a renewed spirit and hope for my future.

I would recommend Matthew to anyone who is in need of healing and understanding. He is a teacher, medium, spiritual guide, and healer. He has dedicated his life to the pursuit of helping others and we are blessed to have him on this earth to share his gifts with us.
— Melissa Armstrong
Matthew is truly a gifted and anointed healer sharing God’s unconditional love and grace for everyone! I had been searching for a place where I could truly experience the presence of God with others without the “conditions” I have known all my life. When we least expect it, something amazing happens and it did with a chance encounter. Our paths crossed but we did not actually meet, which seemed very coincidental at the time, but are there really “coincidences” in life? What seemed like a “second thought” my friend told me Matthew came to Tulsa once a month for a gathering I might be interested in attending. I made an appointment and met with him the next month before the gathering. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease as he answered my spiritual questions with wisdom and guidance. Later that same night I attended my first We Are One Tulsa Gathering. Wow! The spiritual energy and presence was amazing and I truly did feel the presence of God and the angels. Looking back now I believe that night was significant in my healing journey spiritually and emotionally when Matthew laid hands on me and prayed! My journey continues but I believe Matthew’s gift has been a huge blessing in my personal healing journey as I learn to love myself and come to truly receive the beautiful gift of God’s unconditional love and grace!! Thank you Matthew for being such a beautiful blessing and sharing your gifts with us all!! May you be abundantly blessed my friend!

— Sandee McClure





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