Beliefs, Values, Statements of Faith:

  • Matthew believes that the power of the Holy Spirit still flows today, maybe even more powerfully than before..
  • He believes that what Jesus accomplished includes the entire cosmos, no matter race, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity or cultural background.
  • He believes that Jesus is the heart of God revealed for all humankind.
  • We, at times, use the bible as a guideline for our lives and yet we realize that it was written by men with opinions and ideas of their own kind, culture and time period,  and it is not to be worshiped. 
  • He believes the Gifts of the Spirit are in operation today, Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge, gift of Faith, gift of healing, gift of miracles, gift of prophecy, discerning of spirits, the gift of Tongues, the gift of Interpreting Tongues and so many more!
  • He believes in a Gospel of Grace and Inclusion. The reality that all are included in what was accomplished by Christ, whether people know it or not, or believe it or not. All are included!!  That’s The Good News! You do not have to do anything to earn the favor or love of God, we now get to enjoy the benefits of being one with God and enjoy a reality of the Kingdom of Heaven inside of us. 
  • He believes in healing the sick. (physically, spiritually, emotionally and more) 
  • Matthew believes that LOVE conquers all and is ALL. We are Love and We Are One!!!