Monthly Healing/Mystical Gatherings

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Located inside the beautiful Be Love Yoga Studio Tulsa

1310 E 6th St. Tulsa, OK 74120

Second Sunday of each month....6 pm

Wow, what powerfully beautiful services we have been experiencing. After much consideration we have decided to add a new location to spread the Light and Love of God. Our gatherings have literally been out of this world as the Holy Spirit has graced us with His presence so powerfully each time we come together. That being said, we want to provide a place of healing for many many more people, and to make that happen, we are taking We Are One to Tulsa, Oklahoma!
These Gatherings will be the second Sunday of each month at 6 pm, inside Be Love Yoga Studio Tulsa!! Every time we gather, something exciting, energy shifting, eye opening and life altering happens, we come face to face with the Divine!


We are a place of healing, a place where you can hear the heart of God over you!

Our prayer is that if you come sick, you leave healed, if you come anxious, you leave with total peace, if you come depressed, you leave full of joy, if you come confused, you leave with a clear head, if you come weary or tired, you leave full of strength to face what ever life brings and if you come feeling unloved and rejected, you leave feeling loved and welcome!!! We are ONE!!!!!


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